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RE: Plastika
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RE: From where are you writing us?
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RE: Oblíbené domácí zvíře
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From where are you writing us?
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As all of us communicate daily, I often try to imagine my fellow foreros. Do all of you own computers in your houses? In which room is it located? Do you go to the library to use the Internet? Do you use your University's Internet? From where are you typing??

Well, I have 3 computers at home... we are a computery family... and they are interconnected in a net... I have my own studio and I type in a laptop... I have MY LIFE in this machine!! :eek: music, my dictionaries, my classes...and the pics of some foreros in their studios with their pc's!!! :thumbsup: You know? I was wondering the same as you do now, and well, what the heck! (?) I couldn't help it any more... and began asking for pics...I have broad band... so I'm online all day long... and I'm here all day long...I have coffee while I am in WR... some smoking :eek: ... music...and plants!! I am sitting right in front of a window, that connects me to the real world... a beauutiful sight of the blue sky and a magical tree with birds on it...

Please Help.
Thanks !
I didn't find the right solution from the internet.
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