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2018 is the most expensive luxury bag to buy, buy it next time
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Louis VuittonTuileries Bag

Buying a new bag every year Fake Cheap Louis Vuitton Handbag is of course also necessary to look at, and this season's LV brings us a different color, the new package will combine the "collision color" popular elements with the traditional printing, so that the whole becomes more Eye-catching

The use of contrast elements, while incorporating the LV claims to always carry the Toron handle. This new Tuileries handbag expresses a maverick fashion with a monochromatic combination of Monogram canvas and tri-color leather, for a total of 3 colors.

A pair of Toron handles and a shoulder strap create a variety of carrying styles that can be handcuffed and reclined. If you look at it, this series of Replica luxury bags is very good on the zipper.

Dior Tarot Clutch Bag

Fake Christian Dior Handbags, who welcomed the first female creative director, also showed more girls' feelings in the design of the bag. Among them, a small square bag was introduced, which adhered to the elegant style of the brand and added a lot of energetic elements. Seconds can hit your girl's heart

It is said that Mr. Dior believed in the Tarot card divination that the stars on these boxes were exactly the elements that Mr. Dior felt most to add to his luck. Each small box was printed with different tarot elements to add interest to the small boxes. It also adds a mysterious color.


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