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RE: Difference between men's and women's watches
Vložil(a): rockalisons 27.06.2019 09:00

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Difference between men's and women's watches
Vložil(a): hotonlines 07.05.2019 14:58

Women's Watches: Women's functional requirements are relatively simple. Most of them only stay on the timing and calendar, but there are still deep needs to be explored. Due to the enthusiasm of the national entertainment, women also presented the demand for entertainment functions in the planning of Replica Swiss Watches, such as mp3, radio. The mp3 function is concentrated in the group of married women between the ages of 24 and 31 who have received high-end lessons.

The change in temperature directly affects women's matching of clothing. The increasing fashion women and ol (office woman) dresses are early in the season and are extremely sensitive to temperature changes. Therefore, the participation in the thermometer in the women's watch may attract a group of young women. There are also a small number of women consumers who are more concerned about their health. In the inquiry, we noticed that the development of magnetic therapy functions in Fake Cheap Watches that have been worn for a long time is a wish of some married women over 30 years old. To the parents, it will also show the filial piety of the children, which is beneficial to the health of the body and reduces the obstacles for the women's watch to open up the gift market.

The watch in the woman's eyes only needs to have simple entertainment and applicable and healthy functions. The contrast is the color and texture. The Replica Discount Watch is made of precious metal materials. The whole color is rich and change, not a single traditional color. Men's Watches: Style is the most important factor for consumers when choosing a men's watch. The second is the function, the color is again. In addition to color, women consumers pay more attention to men's style, function, workmanship, ethics, precision and watch brand than men. Compared with women consumers, men use light weight and color.

In the gift market, both male and female consumers are more stable in the selection of men's watches. Brand, style, color, raw materials, movement, and morality all play an important role in the men's watch.


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