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Star celebrity love love luxury purchase classic classic wear bag
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The Fake Lady Dior Handbag was first introduced in September 1995. When Princess Diana of Wales attended the "Cezanne Exhibition" sponsored by the LVMH Group and held at the Grand Palais Grand Palace in Paris, Mrs. Bernardine Chirac (former French President's wife) presented a Replica New Dior Handbag to Princess Diana. . The chic design immediately won the favor of Princess Diana. When visiting the Children's Home in Birmingham in November 1995, the international media photographed Princess Diana holding a handbag and holding a child in her arms. It was the beginning of a success story... A few weeks later, when Princess Diana went to Argentina for a state visit, she again carried her beloved handbag and walked off the plane.

Since then,Fashion Fake Lady Dior Handbags have been linked to women in the world who are very popular with the media, and all women are eager to do so. In 1996, in order to pay tribute to Princess Diana, with her own consent, the handbag was renamed "LadyDior" by her name, and the Chinese name "Dai Yu Bao".

LadyDior's production implements Dior's high-level custom spirit, and the sewing process of the handbag surface has experienced the inherent style of Dior's products: the cane-sewing vine plaid (also known as "cannage") is inspired by a Napoleon III chair. . In the 1947 fashion show, Mr. Dior used this chair to entertain the distinguished guests; the pendant with the D.I.O.R. on the handbag showed the eternal imprint.


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